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3 Kurzfilme und Filmtalk von und mit dem Filmemacher Stefan Constantinescu
Stefan Constantinescu (1968, Bukarest), visueller Künstler und Filmemacher, lebt in Stockholm und Bukarest.


Total ca. 40 Min, OV/e


Die Filme:


TROLEIBUZUL 92 (BUS NO 92), 2009, 8 Min.
A man gets on a trolleybus and starts a phone conversation with his wife or girlfriend. Because she didn’t answer the phone, he is talking extremely violent and he threatens her with death. The passengers become spectators, unwillingly.

FAMILY DINNER, 2012, 14 Min.

FAMILY DINNER lief 2012 am Cannes Filmfestival im Wettbewerb der Semaine de la Critique.
In the prosperous and chic apartment of the Christiansson family, strange things are going on. While Niclas is in the kitchen preparing dinner, in the bathroom an adultery is being consumed through the means of new technologies. Maja, wife and mother, is exchanging kinky messages on her mobile phone from the bathtub while her husband and daughter are impatiently waiting for her to have a family dinner. Even when her phone is out of battery, she cannot bring herself to stop.

6 BIG FISH, 2013, 14 Min.

6 BIG FISH wurde 2012 am Göteborg International Film Festival für den Best Swedish Short Award nominiert.
Ann Sofi and Andreas are a couple of Swedish artists. They came to Romania as exchange students and have a workshop in an apartment downtown Bucharest. Ann Sofi sees art as a means of expressing her personal experiences and records her daily life obsessively with a video-camera. One summer afternoon, their neighbor, an amateur fisherman, offers them bag of live fish. The two are more eager to admire rather than slaughter the six creatures. After much ado, they chose to leave the fish in the freezer. A few hours later, to their surprise the fish are still alive. The two embark on a mission to release the fish in the nearest pond. However, this undertaking turns out to be more difficult then they would have expected and the obstacles they encounter bring to light their differing approaches to art, life and authorship.




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